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The next gig I have coming up is in the company of 'The New Skylarks' my good friends Edel Sullivan (violin) and Paul Frost (double bass) on the 28th of December in L'Atitude 51' at number 1 , Union Quay in Cork City, my home town.
This is our more or less annual Christmas gig, we've played almost every year at this venue around St. Stephens Day since years ago when it was the Lobby Bar and for a while as 'An Cruibin'.
We're really looking forward to playing again songs that we have played for many years such as 'The Lark of Mayfield'. 'Newborn Child', 'She sings a melody', 'The Willow' (whose sister poem appears below on this page) and many songs from the latest C.D. 'I have Been Loved',plius maybe a few Christmas surprises.- Tickets are limited so please book early to make sure you get to hear this special night of music at Cork's most beautiful intimate venue..

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The Newest Album "I Have Been Loved" which is still available in the on-line store here, on iTunes and is also available at selected record stores.The album is now fully available from iTunes download store by clicking on this link Ger Wolfe - I Have Been Loved

The single SHINE DOWN WARMLY is still on our own downloads page here, simply click on the sunny image to the right at the top of the page.

Here is a review of the new record, from Colm O' Hare, HOTPRESS.

I Have Been Loved-Review in HOTPRESS

With his gentle, yearning folk melodies and easy-going voice, Cork's Ger Wolfe has been creating understated but carefully crafted vignettes since his 1998 debut. He continues in that vein on his seventh album with ten new songs, exquisitely performed, arranged and recorded. It's difficult to pick out highlights; such is the even quality of the tunes, not to mention the stellar playing from a large cast.

The current single, 'Shine Down Warmly' is, as the title suggests, a sun-kissed, laid back number which gently weaves it's melodic magic, with wonderfully evocative lyrics: 'The flowers take a notion, let their petals dance a jig, the sky pours out a potion and the river takes a swig' 'When I was hungry' boasts a lovely brass arrangement, lyrical honesty and hopeful sentiments.

Elsewhere, melancholia and regret inform songs such as 'I Have Been Loved' and 'It's all dark' but their lovely melodies overcome the stark subject matter. Homelessness is the subject of 'Tell All The Lies' where the protagonist lies in the 'backstreet cardboard box and concrete'.

It's not all low-key and somber however; the tempo is raised on 'They Dance When It Rains' which boasts a more rhythmic, almost reggae-lite backdrop while 'A New October Daughter' rings in the changing of the seasons, the dark days ahead and 'The comfort of your feather bed.'Sublime.

Colm O' Hare
Uploaded 2014.
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We have a new song up on YOUTUBE which you can follow by clicking this link;
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Submitted January 2015

RADIO DOCUMENTARY !! 'Gentle genius,forgotten poet'
A Podcast is still available of the specially commissioned documentary 'Gentle Genius, Forgotten Poet' made about Ger and his life in music. This production by Linda Geraghty of Little Oak Productions recieved great praise and features Ger speaking about the music and many people including musicians Christy Moore and John Spillane and radio presenter and music enthusiast John Creedon.

Also featured near the end of the show is 'One star left in the window' as played live at what was once the Lobby Bar with Edel Sullivan and Paul Frost earlier in 2011.

You can now listen to the entire show by going to this link Audio/Video page.

Submitted April 23rd 2011


Work has been completed on building the DOWNLOADS page.All of our Raggedy Record's records are now available to download from the above store, which you can also enter from the 'NEW SINGLE' window above right.

Updated May 2014

Poem for the month

A poem that matches my song 'The Willow' from my very first album 'Word and Rhyme'.
This willow is in The People's Park, Grand Parade,Cork.
I wrote the song when it was a mere slip of a thing, as I was myself.

The Willow
I see the stars above as I grow towards them
Root-bound by the city sprawling streets
The concrete chains of Cork
And the man-made iron railings of the park
River held I am rooting through the sewers
I seek the mineral efficiency
And turn the waste to leaves and oxygen
To feed the lungs that breath 'I am awake'.

Under the sailing sun I colour in a corner of the town
I weave a single season dance for every day
I help to shape the words you speak
The tone you drone and sing
Life blessed me with agility and grace
I hold no nest but the song of the wind lives in my endless dance.

I come to be the willow in your dream
Not blue lines of ink on a plate
But yellow golden brown and green
I shade you under sun and rain
The bud and tear and leaf of life I shed
I willow in your town.

(C)Ger Wolfe 2009

Raggedy Records © 2013 Ger Wolfe