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I Have Been Loved

2013 (RRCDOO7)

Fréamh: Root

2011 (RRCDOO6)

No Bird Sang

2009 (RRCDOO5)

The Velvet Earth

2007 (GWCD004)

Heaven Paints Her Holy Mantle Blue

2004 (RRCDOO3)

Ragged Ground

2002 (GWCD002)

Word & Rhyme

1998 (GWCD001)

Ger's Songs recorded by Other Artists

U.S. trad. band SOLAS have just released their 20th anniversary album which features Ger's song 'Lay Me Down' as sung beautifully by Moira Smiley.

Karan Casey recorded her own interpretation of "The Curra Road" on her 2003 album 'Distant Shore'. Karan also sang 2 of Ger's childrens songs - 'The Silkie Song' and 'Seasons' on "SEAL MAIDEN - A CELTIC MUSICAL" (R279858)

Cork Band 'NORTH CREGG', with Fiona Kelleher on lead vocals called their CD "Summer at my feet" (CDTRAX250) from Ger's song of the same name (featured on 'Word & Rhyme ). This CD also features Fiona singing Ger's homage to slogging (robbing) apples ''Swallow Sing".

Achill songster Dave O'Donohue has recorded Ger's 'The Willow' on his debut CD 'MILESTONE' (milestone 002), beautiful production (Tony Davoren/Teejam tutty) featuring, amongst others, Mick Kinsella's magic harmonica playing.

Compilations that Ger appears on:

"Ceol 06" and "Ceol 07", both brilliant innovative compilations co-inciding with Seachtain na Gaeilge for the last few years, promoting the Irish language. Many well known artists appear with Irish versions of their songs. Skylark Paul Frost has translated some share of Ger's songs into the native tongue while retaining the poetic vibe of the lyrics.

"Gaelic Ireland" (EUCD 1821) 2003
This is a compilation on ARC music featuring songs in the irish language from people as diverse as Brendan Begley to Lasairfhíona Ní Chonaola and from Diarmuid Ó Súilleabháin to Seán de hÓra. compiled by John O'Regan.